Miley Cyrus Performs In Pasties, Avoids Pants At iHeart Radio Music Festival

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus performing at iHeart Radio Music Festival.
Photo: Getty Images

Happy Monday: here are some pictures from my weekend I want to share with you. JUST KIDDING, these are pictures of Miley Cyrus performing at the iHeart Radio Music Festival in Las Vegas this weekend. Well, Miley has certainly turned up the heat on her performance wardrobe, and it seems, IT'S GOTTEN SO HOT SHE'S HAD TO REMOVE ALL HER CLOTHES. Her first outfit (on the right) was similar to the one she wears in the "Wrecking Ball" video, as well in the trailer for the Miley: The Movement—the girl loves a white crop top with white bottoms like none other. Unlike her other crop tops, which existed on their own, this white lace-up bustier is tied to her white scalloped shorts. It's a lace-up romper and is probably the most annoying piece of clothing in the world to take off.

Her second look, on the other hand, is probably very easy to take off because, um, it's barely on to begin with. Miley performed in a completely sheer, white netted dress that had furry long-sleeves and a turtleneck because otherwise, LBR, she'd be cold. Underneath, she wore black-and-white underwear and, taking a page from the book of Rihanna, no bra. In keeping the look monochromatic, she did wear some black pasties, so, she definitely knows how to keep the people guessing.

"What is she hiding under those pasties?" - The general public. Probably.

She also dressed up her mic in a banana costume which she must've gotten between performances. It looks like it takes her a looong time to eat a banana, but really, she's just singing.

Miley's outfit raises some important questions: if you were going to wear a mesh dress, what color pasties would you sport underneath? What would you dress your mic up as, if you could? Can you think of a singular piece of clothing more annoying to take off than a lace-up romper? And, most importantly, WHAT WILL MILEY WEAR NEXT?

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