Food Friday: We Want That (Cup)Cake, (Cup)Cake, (Cup)Cake


Cupcake themed swag.
Photo: Shopjeen/Beloved/Fred Flare/Johnny Cupcakes

We did it, you guys. We made it to another Friday, so congrats to us. We deserve a Food Friday post because we're the best. Also the best? Miniature cakes that are decorated with frosting, which people sometimes refer to as "cupcakes," I think? Sure, cake is great, but cupcakes, in their own little world, are better. A Google search offers no definitive answer as to why they're superior, but consensus confirms they just are. To rightfully reflect their dominance in the dessert world, there is a lot of cupcake swag out there, and we've rounded up the best pieces for your perusal.

Since sweaters/scarves/sweatshirts are necessary for the upcoming months, this Beloved cupcake sweatshirt is the perfect way to keep warm slash let everyone know you're they type of person who eats dessert before dinner because you gotta carpe that diem. In a similar vein, don't let your floor get cold without the covering of this cupcake rug. Imagine a perfect day: you get out of bed, step onto your cupcake rug, walk into your kitchen where you eat cupcakes for breakfast, and then you continue having the best day of your life. This dream could be a reality: buying this rug and/or actual cupcakes is the first step. There are also cupcake bandages, because, a cut just isn't going to hurt if it's covered with a cute cherry-topped cake. Well, it may still hurt, but, at least the general public gets to look at a cupcake rather than a bloody gash or whatever. We thank you, cupcake fan.

There are, of course, many iPhone cases you can use to decorate your iPhone, but how about this case that looks like skulls and crossbones, but is actually cupcakes and crossbones? No poison here, folks, only a delicious dessert for you to shove in your mouth. You can also check yourself out in this cupcake pocket mirror -- it's perfect for checking out your makeup or, like, seeing how you look when you eat a cupcake. It's up to you. While it may look like the final piece of cupcake swag we're suggesting to you is an actual cupcake for you to consume, it is, surprisingly, not (though it is Friday and YOLO). This chocolate cupcake with vanilla frosting and sprinkles looking thang is, actually, a pillow. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? IT LOOKS SO REAL. But it is not filled with frosting, but pillow stuffing, so that would not taste good. Instead, cheers 2 the freakin' weeken' with a REAL cupcake.

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