Nicola Formichetti Calls Working With Lady Gaga 'A Crazy Rollercoaster' In SHOWstudio Interview


Nicola + Gaga = BFF.
Photo: Getty Images

Rome wasn’t built in a day, but Jo Calderone was (*GASP*), according to Lady Gaga’s former stylist and “BFF forever,” Nicola Formichetti. In a recent interview with SHOWstudio, the long-time Haus of Gaga fashion director admitted that the creation of Gagaloo’s iconic male alter-ego was basically birthed on a whim. (IDK about y’all, but my whims only birth things like online shopping debt and buyer’s remorse.) “[One] morning … we were supposed to shoot for Vogue Japan, and we were like, ‘We need to do something crazy,’” Formichetti said. “And we transformed her into a male, her male character, Jo. And it was incredible … It was so spontaneous and very theater. It was amazing.” All in a day’s work! *flips hair*


Nicola Formichetti puts his paws up during an interview with Show Studio.
Photo: Show Studio

Formichetti stepped away from Gaga’s day-to-day in July to pursue other projects, but he still credits her as being the living, breathing embodiment of his fashion dream. (Dittos all around.) “I just kind of went [into working with Gaga] without knowing what I was getting into, and it was kind of like a crazy rollercoaster … It was the first time that I saw my fantasy creation alive, walking down the street. And that was super exciting and she took it to a whole other level.” IMHO, Gagaloo took fashion into a whole other UNIVERSE, because honestly—well, the proof is in the pudding Meat Dress.

But Formichetti isn't finished watching his dreams become reality, and he hasn’t written off the idea of dressing another person who can become his living fantasy again, either. For now though, he’s content as the Artistic Director of Diesel, where he’s been busy with a capsule collection (out November 1st) and “taking the past and modernizing it” by pulling talent from young creatives on Tumblr and Instagram. From here on out, the possibilities are endless, because SRSLY, who needs a resume when you've got the HMIC (that's Head Monster in Charge) as a reference?

"You know, all the people that I know, that I admire … we just do whatever we need to do,” Formichetti says. “So, we’ll just keep doing it. Same goes for Gaga, you know. If she wasn’t famous, she’d still be playing music in some ghetto gay club, I’m sure. So there’s this thing that drives everyone and I’m glad that I have that. I’m glad that I found that, things that I want to do. So I’m just going to keep going.”


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