How To Do Fallon's NYFW Spring 2014 Runway Makeup Yourself

Fall New York Fashion Week Spring 2014 Makeup

We tried the Fallon New York Fashion Week Spring 2014 runway makeup ourselves.
Photo: Getty Images/MTV/Wendy Heisler

You asked for it! At the close of this past Spring 2014 season of New York Fashion Week, we showed you a few beauty looks ripped straight from the runway that we couldn't wait to try. With so much fun stuff to test out, we needed a little help prioritizing and turned to you to tell us which one we should try our hands at first, and in reward, we'd show you how to do it. Your top pick? This rust smoky eye from the Fallon show. SO cool. Welp, I holed away at my desk with our stockpile of COVERGIRL makeup and figured it out just for you. Here we go!

This look is all about the eyes, but there are still a few other elements (albeit pretty natural ones) to the look. Get them out of the way first to focus on the eye game. All you need is a light layer of Clean Glow Blush in Roses 100 swept along your cheekbones and a quick application of Lipslicks Smoochies Lip Balm in Only U 270 for a natural but still manicured pout.

From there, it's the fun stuff. Line your top and lower lids along the lashline with Flamed Out Shadow Pencil in Red-Hot Flame 310. Don't be too precious about it because you're just going to smudge it out. In fact, the chunkier your line, the better.

Blend the liner out with your ring finger and fan the color out with Flamed Out Shadow Pot in Red-Hot 345 using a small eyeshadow brush.

For that shimmery rust effect, use the second color (Hot Cider) from the Eye Enhancers in Coffee Shop set, blending it out with a shadow brush in a winged shape that follows the natural line of your lower lashes and cheekbones.

Finish it off with a bit of Flamed Out Shadow Pot in Scorching Cocoa 355 brushed onto your lids, up from your lashes and toward your eyebrows, to give the look a bit of dimension.

Bonus points: if you're really committed to the runway look, slap a little lip balm on your lids for that extra-shiny wet-look texture. No, I'm not kidding.

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