Lauren Conrad Gets 'A Little Darker' For Paper Crown's Fall Collection


Lauren Conrad shifts her focus back to Paper Crown.
Photo: Getty Images

Lauren Conrad is a MACHINE. Like, she might actually be battery-powered. Or is at least fueled by vegetable oil (which would also explain how her hair is always SO SHINY). JK she’s a real human, duh. But considering that she juggled like, a billion different projects this summer alone, she’s kiiiiind of making the rest of us humans look like under-achievers. THX, LC. First, she rolled out her first-ever bedding collection. Next, she debuted her LC Lauren Conrad summer line for Kohl’s (adorbs), then she was like, “BTW, I’m also launching an artisanal e-commerce website that is, like, super charitable.” (True statement, though not an actual quote.) So now, after a VERY successful summer, you’d think the girl would want a break, right? Wellllll ...


A few pieces from Paper Crown's Fall 2013 collection.
Photo: Paper Crown

WRONG! This fall, LC’s turned her focus back to her OTHER (*flips hair*) clothing line, Paper Crown, which is now available through the brand’s website. And lemme tell ya. It. Is. GOOD. In an interview with Us Weekly, Conrad confessed that this collection, which includes funky prints, tweed and a ton of texture, is "a little darker” than what her fashion fans might be used to (ruh roh, are you taking away our blush pink pastels, girl???)—but if that means a boatload of vegan leather accents (which it does), then I say EMBRACE THE DARK SIDE, GIRL. “I love leather,” Lauren admitted. “I’ll wear [my favorite leather skirt] with a bootie and a looser fitting top for a cooler look, but I’ve also worn it with a button-up blouse for a more polished look. I’ve worn it to business meetings and out to bars. And I’ve got a whole stack of leather pants in my closet!” Oh. NBD. A whole STACK of leather pants. #jealous I have a whole stack of Forever 21 bangles on my dresser, soooo… *brushes shoulders off*

What are you feeling for fall? Will you be picking up some Paper Crown for your closet?

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