Justin Bieber's 'Lolly' Wardrobe Is Candy-Centric

Justin Bieber

Justin Biber in a still from the "Lolly" video.
Photo: Island Def Jam/Candy Crate

Look who's gettin' literal! Maejor Ali just released his video for his single "Lolly," which features Juicy J and Justin Bieber, and it looks like Biebs took the lolly/candy theme as fashion inspo. There are some dancing ladies who are holding lollipops, but it's Bieber who dressed the part of the candy man: he wears two different outfits that give candy the respect it deserves.

The first candy look is his candy button jacket: the black leather jacket is decked out with a quilted hood and brightly colored polka dots. And I thought you could only get one of those elements added to a jacket to make it extra #swaggy. Shows what I know. The backdrop of the set and the video's lighting and special effects are colorful, but the rest of the actual humans in the video are decked out in a black, white, red, and camouflage. Bieber is the only one to stray from the pack.

Justin Bieber

Justin Biber in a still from the "Lolly" video.
Photo: Island Def Jam/Getty Images

His second outfit is a long—like, it could be a dress—tie-dyed tank top. The dyes that were tied on the shirt are green and yellow and turn Biebz into a big swirly lollipop that wears skinny leather pants. He finished up his look with some acid green kicks, a gold chain, and dance moves that make him look like he's steering an imaginary car.

His other look is just him with no shirt on, so we are def feeling the Twix vibes he's giving off in that one. JK, it'd have to be a pretty ~ripped~ Twix bar to bear any resemblance to JB. Watch the video below to see Bieber in all his candy-centric glory!


Maejor Ali - "Lolly ft. Juicy J & Justin Bieber"

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