Hedi Slimane Shoots Justin Timberlake for 'T Magazine'


Justin Timberlake in T Magazine.
Photo: T Magazine

HELLO, NEW DESKTOP BACKGROUND. In a recent spread from T Magazine, Justin Timberlake pierces our hearts with his eyes and makes us want to live in black and white FOREVER. He also appears quite pensive in kind of a worrisome way, in which case, we are totally here for you, JT. Seriously, cry us a river. (Heh.) We are available at a moment’s notice if you need a shoulder to weep on when Jessica isn’t around, or whatever.


Justin Timberlake in T Magazine.
Photos: T Magazine

In two photos from the sultry series, shot by Saint Laurent’s Hedi Slimane, Timberlake goes for tortured greaser with a plain white t-shirt and leather shirt from the photographer/designer’s collection. And while JT’s “plain” tee may look like any ol’ Hanes, it actually retails for $255—so there’s no sweating allowed in that thing. Ever. For that price, I’m guessing it probably has its own armpit fans or some equally high-tech ventilation system. Moving on!

How adorable is Justin with his sad-eyed stare in that $2,000 Dolce & Gabbana sweater? He kind of looks like a little lost boy who got separated from his mom at the mall after an innocent game of hiding under clothes racks went awry. I mean, this is clearly Slimane's best work yet, amirite?!

Check out all the pics from the shoot and read T Magazine's full interview with Timberlake here.

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