Yolo Polos Part 2: Jay Z's Dad Dive And Miguel's Billboard Leg-Drop


Jay Z's awkward dive gets embroidered on a Yolo Polo.
Photos: Splash News, Drake Yolo Polo

OK, so they didn’t exactly hear out our request to add Wheelchair Jimmy to the collection, but the creators of the “Drake Yolo Polos” are back on the meme scene, and they’re still reppin’ hip-hop’s most adorably awkward moments with dedicated embroidery. Like that time when Miguel accidentally went all WWF on a fan at the 2013 Billboard Music Awards, or that other time when paparazzi caught Jay Z making a hilarious face while diving off a yacht in Italy alongside his beloved Bey-Bey. Stars! They’re just like us! Except they don't get to wear OUR pretty faces on their shirts, so I'd consider this a win for the normal people of the world. But seriously, these awkward celebrity moments were made to be remembered on 100% cotton shirts, and I don’t know about y’all, but I think I just found a reason to go golfing.


Miguel's kick gets embroidered on a Yolo Polo.
Photos: Drake Yolo Polo

What started as a one-off novelty item has quickly taken on a life of its own, thanks in part to the mystery behind the genius. We still don’t know who’s making these embroidered masterpieces, but we’re preeeetty excited about the new additions. Obviously, the bigger question here is really, how do we wear them?! Do we go schoolgirl chic with a tartan skirt and platform Mary Janes? Pretty preppy with high-waisted, straight-leg pants and a pair of sensible flats?! Or should we just upend this crazy, mixed-up world with some unexpected edge and pair our Yolo Polos with head-to-toe leather?! However it comes together, I’m calling dibs on #THEJAYDIVE in grey. (But it comes in like, 4 other colors, so feel free to get your variation on.)

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