Food Friday: What Does #NYFW Taste Like?

Here at MTV Style, we’re pretty shameless about our love of food. We keep a snack drawer stocked year-round. If your event includes a meal, we RSVPed last week. We’re in constant pursuit of chips, but we’ve also never met a granola bar we didn’t like. Most of all, though, we reeeeeally like when fashion and food come together. We even devoted a whole weekly franchise to it called Food Friday. Welp, for New York Fashion Week, we took that love to the next level (OK, maybe several next levels) by wearing some of our favorite food-themed clothes to the “tents” at Lincoln Center.

Special #NYFW delivery! And no napkins to blot off the grease!Photo: MTV/Wendy Heisler

More specifically, I wore massive photo print pizza, sour gummi worms, burgers, and fries in the midst of fashion’s most fabulous week among the well-tailored and Louboutin’ed. All while EATING the foods I was wearing. #meta Simultaneously a celebration of food-love and a fashion experiment, we started off by taking our own street style photographs (also, being weird and eating snacks), but it wasn’t long before other flashbulbs started to bite.

Pro tip: head-to-toe sour gummi worms will definitely get you photographed at #NYFW. Also, probably everywhere.
Photo: MTV/Wendy Heisler

It probably shouldn’t come as much of a surprise, but if you’re pushing the boundaries of style, you’re likely to get photographed during NYFW. (And WOW, I certainly got photographed… O_O) For some people, that’s just how they dress every day because it genuinely makes them happy. For others, there’s a little peacocking going on—trying to get snapped for street style round-ups. And then, there are terrible people like me who try to photobomb other peoples’ photos dressed as a burger and fries. *Kanye shrug* U MAD?

More than playing dress-up in dinner options, though, we tried to get a sense of whether the rest of the New York Fashion Week-going public was as into food as us. We wanted to know, “What does #NYFW taste like?” Air? Water? Glitter and Ladurée? There is, after all, the notion that Fashion Weekers subsist on only green juice and almonds. We asked people about the best meal they’ve had during #NYFW, what they ate that day, and whether they were toting any emergency snacks for in between shows.

It’s called “fashion.” Look it up. #friesclutch
Photo: MTV/Wendy Heisler

While our snack stop-and-frisk turned up zero results (granted, that may have been because we were interviewing people RIGHT before dinner), we were happily surprised by how animated and lovely the people we interviewed were when talking about food. We really feel like we won this one for the fashion foodies (Trolli Sour Brite Crawlers are for seriously refined palates, y’all). #NYFOODW

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