New York Fashion Week Spring 2014: '90s Trend Takeover


Trends from the 1990s: Crop-tops, faux-flannel plaid, logo gear and overalls.
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Pro tip: If you wanna get a head-start on setting up your style game for Spring 2014, go home. Brush the dust off your under-bed storage bins, dig deep into your parents’ closets and recover all your siblings’ angst-ridden clothes from the 1990s. Because that decade just called. And they aren't getting their trends back. (Unless they’re calling about acid wash jeans. Then we’ll take a message.)

From Rodarte to DKNY to Alexander Wang and Rag & Bone, models in crop-tops, faux-flannel plaids, overalls and logo-gear dominated the Spring 2014 runways. Did every designer get together this summer to trade POGS and binge-watch My So-Called Life on bean bag chairs or something? Was it the Boy Meets World spin-off? The TLC biopic? The *NSYNC reunion?! Whatever the reason, '90s redux is definitely happening for Spring 2014 – and it’s all that AND a bag of chips, y’all!


Plaid Flannel

Tadashi Shoji, Rodarte, and Costello Tagliapietra at Spring 2014 New York Fashion Week.
Photos: Getty Images

Made popular by Nirvana and the Seattle grunge scene, flannel shirts in the ‘90s were worn every which way: Kurt Cobain tied his shirt around his waist, Wayne and Garth left theirs unbuttoned over rock ‘n roll tees and even Zack “Preppy” Morris tucked his flannel into belted, acid-wash jeans. Basically, it was the bomb, no matter how you rocked it. This year, designers were mad for the faux-flannel plaid print and it showed up on everything from skirts to sweatshirts to pants and jackets. Can’t you totally see Cher Horowitz in Tadashi Shoji’s matching plaid separates? All it needs is a good pair of knee-high socks (and a considerably shorter hemline).



DKNY, Alexander Wang, and Hood By Air at Spring 2014 New York Fashion Week.
Photos: Getty Images

Who you repped in the ‘90s mattered. Period. We’re not talkin’ homestate, sports team or political party though. We’re talking LOGOS, y’all. No Fear, Bugle Boy, Stussy, Reebok. If you didn’t have a brand splashed across your chest, you might as well have been Steve Urkel. Logo gear was especially prominent within the hip-hop community (think Phat Farm, Gucci, FUBU, Tommy Hilfiger, Nautica) and became an instant indication of status. Well, now that label recognition has reached Jay Z song title levels ("Tom Ford") designers like DKNY, Alexander Wang and Hood By Air used this season’s runway to tell us that we bettah recognize (them)!



DKNY Women's, Mark McNairy New Amsterdam, and Rag & Bone at Spring 2014 New York Fashion Week.
Photos: Getty Images

In the 1990s, EVERYBODY wore overalls. They were equal-opportunity denim, for sure. Overalls were especially popular when worn in varying shades by pop groups, à la *NSYNC and TLC (bonus points for DIY paint splashes, iron-on patches or the single-strap look). Sadly, there wasn't any synchronized dancing on the Spring 2014 runways—the new overalls’ overhaul, which included more fitted, non-denim fabrics and tapered legs, wouldn't exactly allow for air-splits and high kicks. But you could definitely get your *butterfly* on in these babies, as long as you tie a flannel shirt around your waist.


Crop Tops

Adeam, Suno, and DKNY Women's at Spring 2014 New York Fashion Week show.
Photos: Getty Images

Long before celebrities started wearing jackets without shirts and tops without pants, baring your belly-button almost instantly gained you sex-symbol status. On the other hand, if you were a female pop-star in the 1990s, wearing a crop-top was pretty much a part of your contract. From Destiny’s Child to Gwen Stefani to the Spice Girls and Britney Spears, if you planned on being a singer, your abs were almost definitely going to be OUT. But times have changed—and pop-stars have moved on to meat dresses and full nudity—so the taut tummy trend has trickled down to the rest of us, according to the Spring 2014 runways. We’d be hard pressed to name a designer who didn't show at least one crop-top this season, if not a whole collection that revolved around them. And while some people may choose to spend their winter doing sit-ups, we're not really ready to give up cupcakes yet.

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