MTV Style x #shehashadit Take On New York Fashion Week Street Style: Day 4

It’s that time again, y’all. Time for Jarvis Derrell of #shehashadit to give us the lowdown on the street style going on at New York Fashion Week. We’re more than halfway through the fashun’s biggest week—how can it be!—but there are still plenty of EFFORTLESS KWEENS hittin’ the street to show off what they got. If you’ve missed any of Jarvis’s #NYFW #fashion #style #streetstyle posts, you can check ’em out here.

Street style shot of Chiara Ferragni during New York Fashion Week.
Photo: Getty Images

Yasssssssss KWEENs Yasssssssss!!!! Sunday at NYFW was intense, in all the best ways guuurrrlll, though some of the Kweens are starting to play it safe and keep things neutral, you now have even more of a reason to break out and Praise Him with a Print, okaaaayy! AMEN!!! When the Lordt puts a pattern on my heart, I share it with the world, and I share it boldly!!!! STOMP STOMP!!!! I call it “Uta Hagen Choices”!!!! This dress comes with its own wind machine!!!!! #beyonce #drama #ilive #shehashadit #shinebrightlikepicasso #blownaway #serve #patternsandprint #windowsxp #paint #obsessed #realhousewivesofmurrayhill #yesamerica

Street style shot of Natalie Joos during New York Fashion Week.
Photo: Getty Images

Yasssss yasss yassss guuurrrrlll, you know I’m always in full support of a Kween on the go! No matter what the vehicle! I mean, me personally, I’m more of a MTA kinda gurl, or a non-equity Citi Bike rider (a.k.a. just a plain out stolen bike…shhhh)! But either way, nothing completes the full storyline of a look like sensible super chic battery powered moped! Of course, you have to look pissed the whole time you’re on or around it, and be sure not to be “THAT matchy matchy Kween” with your mop (short for “moped”—keep up, gurl!), or neither of you will stand out!!! Thrive on Kweens! #goingtoharlem #caminacommuter #coolrider #shehashadit #pointsforthatclutch #heavydressheavyheart #eyewear #serving #pursedlips #opulence #offsitefashionshow #pissed

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