2 Chainz Launches Limited-Edition Collection With Neff

2 Chainz Neff

2 Chainz and two tees from his Neff collection.
Photo: Getty Images/Neff

It's no secret that 2 Chainz is obsessed with fashion. I mean, remember that time he wore a decked-out Versace Dracula ensemble to Grammys? Or, hi, have you heard all that designer name-dropping in "Feds Watching"? Yeah, 2 Chainz is SERIOUS about style, and this week he's taking his fashion fandom to a whole new level—by designing his first ever clothing collection with Neff! The limited-edition line features two graphic T-shirts: the "2 Handz Tee," which features a pair of praying hands, and the "N Chainz Tee," which features an "N" filled with (you guessed it!) gold chains. Obvi all tees must be worn with layered necklaces à la 2 Chainz to complete the look, but a snapback and sunglasses are not necessarily mandatory.

But, dudes, THERE'S MORE. This week 2 Chainz's himself will be at the PacSun pop-up shop in SoHo from 6 to 9 pm on Sept. 11—the same day the collection is available to purchase in stores and online. Meaning, yes, you can meet 2 Chainz AND buy his new pieces all at the same time. SUH-WEET! Apparently there's also going to be a chance to win exclusive Neff giveaways, and to celebrate the release of his latest album, B.O.A.T.S. II #METIME!, he's also signing copies of those as well. For full details on Wednesday's shindig, click on over to NeffHeadwear.com, but until then, tell us—what do you think about 2 Chainz's debut fashion collection? Let us know in the comments below!

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