MTV Style x #shehashadit Take On New York Fashion Week Street Style: Day 3

It’s day three of the ultimate collabo that is MTV Style x #shehashadit and, wow, was Day 3 FULL of EFF FORT LESS KWEENS. New York Fashion Week is supersized, so Jarvis Derrell hooked us up with a supersized post: his take on THREE THRIVING ladiez. Fashion Week is full of street style, but we’re only here for the best, y’all, and that’s what Jarvis is bringing us. KWEENS on KWEENS on KWEENS. Let these three hold you over ’til tomorrow, when we’ll be back with more Fashion Week Street Style for ya.

Street style shot of Michelle Harper during New York Fashion Week.
Photo: Getty Images

Yassssssssssssssssssssssssss!!!!! Guuuuuurrrrrllll, I live for a Modified Minnie Mouse hybrid look! Serve!!! I mean clearly she’s too cool to be here, but I’m soo glad she graced us with her presence. Serving us a sensible dose of crinoline, a drastic Jessie J bang, and a brave off-broadway shoe choice!!!! I LIVE!!! #everybodyaintable #shehashadit #ios7 #nosun #textilesandprint #reign #headpieceofglory #shedoesntevengohere #grindrforgirls #ekk #obsessed

Street style shot of Nichapt Suphap’s shoes during New York Fashion Week.
Photo: Getty Images

Whhhhhheeeewwww Kween, Yassss!!!! I live for a sensible Battlestar Galatica, alien warrior heel, with a modest shin guard into a refreshing open toe! THRIVE! It costs to serve a look, kids, and guuuuurrrrllll, those knees are paying the price! Either way Zenon: Kween of the 21st Century, you’re reigning supreme!!! #bowdownb****** #shehashadit #sorcerorseduction #zedislapedis #theseholyknees #steelmagnolias #peekaboo #mytoesseeyou #thrive

Street style shot of Blogger Caroline during New York Fashion Week.
Photo: Getty Images

Eff fort lesssss Kween!!! Yassssss!!!!!! I tell you, guuurrrlllll, my favorite looks are the ones when the Kween looks like she woke up this morning unbelievably hungover at a complete strangers’ house, got dressed with whatever she found in his closet, and STILL turned it out just because she can!!! I call it “Paper Bag Opulence,” and Kweens, Florence and her Machine are really letting us have it today!!!! #obsessed #sicklyorsickening #shehashadit #iborrowedkanyessweater #thanks #strappysandal #grateful #everybodylovesasheerskirt #hello #blackout #burgundylip #sealthedeal

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