Lady Gaga Does New York Fashion Week

Lady Gaga in Comme des Garçons during New York Fashion Week.
Photo: Splash News

You didn’t think Lady Gaga would miss Fashion Week in her hometown, did you? Sure she was just in London kicking off iTunes Festival (aka Swinefest), but that didn’t stop her from returning to NYC for fashion’s biggest week: she’s been here for two days and we’ve already seen three iconic Gagaloo looks.

On Friday, Gaga wore a gray, pinstriped suit from Comme des Garçons. This wasn’t an ordinary suit—obviously, it’s Gaga, hello!—composed of a mere pants and jacket combination. Nope. No way. It was a one piece jumpsuit with enormous, puffy sleeves. Much like when she wore this Comme des Garçons dress a year ago, the lady seems unable to put her arms down. She could clothesline many people and claim it wasn’t her fault. And it isn’t! She paired the jumpsuit with her long, wavy, brown Botticelli wig, and 9-inch boots. Her legendary Alexander McQueen shoes, in comparison, were 12-inches high, so 9 inches is, like, whatevz, easy, NBD.

Lady Gaga in Maison Martin Margiela during New York Fashion Week.
Photo: Splash News

On Saturday night, she left her apartment in an outfit straight-off the Maison Martin Margiela Fall 2013 Couture runway. Some people claim runway shows feature clothing that would be impossible to wear IRL, but Lady Gaga has proven that’s not true: she wears them on the streets of New York. This particular outfit, as shown on the runway and in front of Gaga’s apartment building, is a pair of loose-fitting, light blue pants and an off-white shirt. Maison Martin Margiela’s take on jeans and a t-shirt but dipped and set in latex. Gaga threw on the ol’ 9-inch black platform heels and, of course, to complete the runway look, a white mask with black paint dripping down it. It’s like they always say: never leave home without your couture mask. Kanye West is also a fan of the Margiela masks, but unlike Gaga he has kept them on stage. It is easy to imagine, though, that ’Ye will soon follow Gaga’s lead and take the masks to the streets.

Gaga wore the Margiela look to her secret performance at Le Poisson Rogue, for a V Magazine after-party—she is on the most recent cover(s), after all. She mingled around the crowd (sans mask—eye contact is important when mingling), until hitting the stage and ditching all the excess fabric for her fave sparkly Botticelli bikini. The show was small, but star-studded: Jessica Alba, Paris and Nicky Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, Jeremy Scott, Terry Richardson were all in attendance to watch Gaga perform songs from ARTPOP, including “Swine” and “Applause.”

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