Behind The Runway Music: Jason Wu’s Spring 2014 NYFW Show Soundtrack

Looks from Jason Wu Spring 2014.
Photos: Getty Images

When fashion met music, it was love at first sight. They’ve been together a long time now, those two. But they’re not the kind of perfect pairing that grinds your gears with handsy PDA or syrupy pet names or the constant use of “we.” They’re more like Beyonce and Jay Z (*bows down*). Music and fashion are complimentary—they amplify the other’s best qualities and make really great surprise guests at each other’s shows. ’Cause fashion’s a rider, and music’s a roller. Put them together, how they gon’ stop both of ’em? Basically what I’m trying to say is, fashion and music are like the ’03 Bonnie and Clyde.

But someone’s got to manage their two giant egos, and that’s where Javier Peral comes in. Peral is a sound stylist. He creates soundtracks for fashion shows and is a major part of why people whip out their wallets so quickly after the lights go up. Because HELLO, the urge to spend inordinate amounts of money on a leather bustier clearly isn’t propelled by silence. Javier, who’s been on the scene since the early 1990s, is one of the first people that gets to see a designer’s finished collection, which doesn’t make us jealous at all. (Yes it does.) After consulting with a particular designer about their collection’s vibe and vision, he creates a series of songs that serves to enhance the colors, textures, mood and movements. He’s worked with all of the most major names in high-end fashion and this year, he’s going to be sharing some of his soundtracks with us! You may never have to choose between Shazam and Instagram again. First up: Jason Wu after the jump!

Looks from Jason Wu Spring 2014.
Photos: Getty Images

“The collection was about ease and femininity, pure and light, yet multifaceted, with a lot of hidden twists in the clothes,” Peral says. “All vocals were male singers: White Lies provided the energy and kick to start the show, but also added a sense of romanticism, as if the girls were being serenaded. The show ended with Jon Hopkins’ ’Breathe This Air,’ a beautiful piano middle piece that played with the last three looks, an emotional and mysterious moment.”

+ “Tricky To Love” – White Lies
+ “Getting Even” – White Lies
+ “Arrow” – The Irrepressibles
+ “Eisenhüttenstadt (Piano & Mallets Version)” – Sven Helbig
+ “A Song About The End” – The Delta Mirror
+ “Breathe This Air” – Jon Hopkins

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