Food Friday: Big On Bacon And Eggs

Bacon and Eggs

Clothing that celebrates bacon and eggs, and untouchable combo.
Photo: Nasty Gal/O-Mighty/ShopJeen/VFiles

Yay it's Friday, YAAAAAAAY. Weekend mornings (or whenever it is you wake up) call for a special food, one that you are unlikely to have on a regular ol'weekday: we're talking bacon and eggs. The savory combo provides a gr8 start to the day, or end of the day. Eat B&E whenever you want: the breakfast police aren't going to arrest you. We've rounded up a few of our fave pieces from around the interwebz that broadcast your affinity for the best breakfast choice.

The first of two options to keep you warm when you're rolling into a diner, or your kitchen, is a bacon sweatshirt from ShopJeen. It doesn't just feature one shriveled piece of pork. Nah, this sweatshirt has many pieces of bacon printed across it. This sweatshirt paints such a vivid bacon picture, you can almost smell it. Mmmmm, baaaaacon.

The second warm, long-sleeved piece, is an egg sweater. The yellow-and-white sweater features two ~strategically placed~ cracked eggs across the chest: it would be hard for anyone to miss your love of eggs, that's for sure. If you're into matching your tops and bottoms you could pair the sweater with its skirt counterpart. The skirt follows the same two-color palette, but instead of only two eggs, has many eggs melting into one another. This many eggs would produce a very large omelette, or perhaps a frittata.

If you opt to wear the skirt solo but are still into a thematic outfit, you could pair it with this bacon and eggs croptop from O-Mighty. You don't have to pick sides in the egg/bacon combo—this shirt allows you to flaunt both. This beanie from Nasty Gal also gives you both, as it should be. Each one is great on its own, but combined with the other? Life-changing, the best, unparalleled, etc., riiiight? Enjoy the weekend! And eat some bacon and eggs. For us.

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