Katy Perry Goes Milkmaid Grunge To Reveal 'Prism' Cover On 'Good Morning America'

Katy Perry

Katy Perry on Good Morning America.
Photo: Getty Images

OMG, more Katy Perry news, y'all. The Katy Perry promo train is one that makes infrequent stops: time to get on board. Katy was on Good Morning America this AM to promote "Roar" and her upcoming release, Prism. Continuing her theme of dressing in florals, Katy was decked out in a tight green dress with daisies printed all over it. She grunged the dress up with black knee socks and shiny maroon Doc Martens. Her hair, which is currently black, was up in very Heidi-chic milkmaid braids; she accessorized very simply with large gold hoops, though they're def not as large as BFF Rihanna's. They're, like, 1/8th the size of Rihanna's.

Katy Perry

The cover of Katy Perry's upcoming album, Prism.
Photo: Capitol Records

The surprise Katy had promised to reveal turned out to be the cover of her upcoming album, Prism. The cover features Katy outside in a sunflower-filled field, minimally made-up, and seemingly naked, except for a sheer and slightly sparkly wrap. The light in the image is rainbowy. As if filtered through a prism? Maybe it was done intentionally to tie into the album's title? Interesting theory, IMHO. The frame around the picture features a few colored daisies, which may explain Katy's recent penchant for flower-covered clothing.

Between the "Roar" video, her new fragrance, Killer Queen, and Prism's upcoming release (October 22, BTW), Ms. Katy P has a lot going on. We're still trying to decide whether this new Katy P will only be sporting grunged up florals for her Prism tour/life/existence, but considering she's made it clear she's trying to shed all her past habits, it seems likely she'll be changing it up on us a lot.


Katy Perry - "Roar"

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