Rihanna Should Win A World Record For These Giant Earrings


Rihanna and her huge hoops.
Photo: Splash News

Rihanna was spotted out last night in New York in a fairly simple outfit, especially by Rihanna standards: she had on a sheer white leotard, jean shorts (#jorts), some black and white Jordans. She accessorized with a Komakino "Teenage Fantasy" baseball hat, a $970 MCM palm tree print backpack, some gold bracelets and necklaces. Oh, yeah, and the BIGGEST gold hoops that have ever existed in the history of the world. (Probably.)

She was out a few days ago in what seemed like big hoops, but those were child's play compared to these bad boys. These earrings practically touch her shoulders. A baby's head could definitely fit through them. A petite adult's thigh could fit through them. They could be used to cut the dough for an extremely large cookie, or a small pizza. Rihanna, of course, seems totally unfazed by them: it's just a regular Wednesday to go out to dinner in 8-inch diameter earrings for Ri. NBD.

Since Rihanna has been slowly increasing her hoop size during her NYC trip, do you think the next time we see her she'll have ones that go past her shoulders? Will she attend her pal/costume designer Adam Selman's first Fashion Week show tonight wearing them? We'll keep an eye out (they're hard to miss) for any more huge hoop appearances and keep you in the know.

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