Sleigh Bells’ ‘Bitter Rivals’ Music Video: Look By Look

Photo: Mom + Pop Music

Not to be weird, but we kind of miss seeing Alexis Krauss around these parts. We last talked with the Sleigh Bells frontwoman in January about her favorite fashion-y things, and nearly nine months later our girl is BACK—this time with the release of her latest music video “Bitter Rivals” (and album of the same name). Eeeee! We caught up with her firsthand to get all deets behind her killer ensembles because, you guys, she looks AMAZING. She sports her signature straight jet black strands and bold red lips throughout the video paired with a totally badass ’tude, which we love. Her first outfit is a black zip-up corset paired with shredded UNIF cutoffs and lace biker shorts. The coolest part about this entire look, though, is that the pieces were hand-studded by her nail artist Ria Lopez—yes, the same gal who did Alexis’ balls-out mani with us nearly a year and a half ago. Whew, time is flying, y’all!

Photo: Mom + Pop Music

Up next, we peep Alexis in a white corset top, UNIF leather zip shorts, and a leopard print boxing robe that was—gasp—custom made by Sleigh Bells themselves. Who knew this music duo also had design skills? *bows down*

Photo: Mom + Pop Music

A back view of the robe shows off that custom “Bitter Rivals” detailing complete with Alexis’ initials. Um, can they start making these bad boys for us common folk? We’d totally buy one.

Photo: Courtesy of Alexis Krauss

In this behind-the-scenes shot, we get to peep Alexis in her “SLAY” boxing shorts, which were custom made by Lyz Olko of Obesity and Speed. (Remember when she was featured in their lookbook shoot last year? So. Awesome.)

No Sleigh Bells video would be complete without a killer set of nails! Ria decked out Alexis’ tips in a graphic black, white and gold combination of zigzags, leopard print, and studs, which complemented the video ensembles perfectly.

Photo: Mom + Pop Music

And, um, we’re just gonna leave this photo here because we love it so much. To buy the full album (which hits stores/online October 8), head on over to iTunes. In the meantime, watch their video on repeat below!


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