Lady Gaga Wore A Bubble Dress After Her iTunes Festival Performance

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga wears a bubble dress after her iTunes Festival performance.
Photo: Getty Images

While you (OK, we) were chowing on hamburgers and making the most of the last few days of summer, Lady Gaga was opening the UK's month-long iTunes Festival with a massive live album preview. Mother Monster gathered fans for a self-described Swine Fest complete with its own dress code. Little Monsters were encouraged to wear seashells, starfish, and other underwater fare (along with other sartorial oddities like bedazzled pig noses and "Bowie magician garb"), but AFTER the show, Gaga let her outfit itself do all the performing, slipping into an all-white, BUBBLE dress.

Now, for further clarification, this is not to be confused with a bubble hem dress. Gagaloo's post-show ensemble—according to the woman herself, designed by the TECHHAUS branch of Haus of Gaga—is a dress that GENERATES BUBBLES. More specifically, it's more of a dress-meets-harness structure which is worn over a bodysuit and equipped with several bubble machines around the skirt and at the asymmetrical shoulder. Gaga claims (via Twitter) that the dress "feels magical to wear," and while we wouldn't say it looks comfortable (there's no way you can sit in this thing), wearing an outfit that spews tiny, fragile, iridescent bubbles would be pretty cool.

What do you think of Lady Gaga's bubble dress?

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