Food Friday: Hooray For Hamburgers


Hungry 4 Hamburgers.
Photo: Urban Outfitters/1991 Inc./Shop Jeen/Fred Flare/Hot Topic/Society6

Happy Friday before Labor Day! The long weekend is practically here, we can taste it. You know what else we'll be tasting a lot of this weekend? Hamburgers. Cheeseburgers. Anything that has been cooked via the fire of a grill, basically. You can't properly honor the food you'll be feasting on if you don't parade around with that food on everything you own: you are what you eat, you eat what you wear. A motto to live by. Pick up these pieces for all the BBQs you'll be attending this weekend so you don't have to answer "hamburger or hot dog?" ever again.

This 1991 Inc. sweatshirt give you (and everyone else) a close-up view of what you're after, plus, if it's chilly at night (booooo!), it'll keep you warm. This hat ($36) shows that you're here for hamburgers and America—you can wear it on Labor Day and Fourth of July. These cheeseburger Vans require a close look to see that there's cheese, meat, lettuce, and ketchup surrounded by all that bun and can serve as a conversation starter. A fellow party attendee will say, "Is there blood dripping from your shoe?" and you'll say, "No, that's ketchup. These are cheeseburger shoes." Keep your money and phone safe in this cheeseburger wallet ($26) and burger phone case; the minimal design of the phone case will counter the over-the-top design of wallet for a perfectly balanced pair of accessories. Finally, dress your boring ol'keys up with these burger and fries key caps: they come together and are only $7, so you can totally ditch the fries if you're only about burgers. We would understand.

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