Michael Jackson 'Stan Swag': Celebrate The King Of Pop's Birthday In Style

Michael Jackson

Look bad (but in a good way) in this throwback Michael Jackson "Stan Swag."
Photo: Etsy

55 years ago today, Michael Jackson was born. The man has been and will continue to be a pop culture/music icon for decades, and on top of that, he had an inimitable personal style that always felt relevant and genuine in everything he did. In honor of what would have been the King of Pop's 55th birthday, we've rounded up a few of our favorite pieces of MJ Stan Swag. Because, honestly, who isn't a Stan for Michael?

First up, some pieces that encapsulate the time when Mike was at his peak in mass popularity: a red leather jacket with ribbed shoulders and a "V" detailing ($99.99) modeled after his infamous "Thriller" music video look. Also, two vintage tees, one yellow ($100) depicting Michael in his iconic band jacket steez, the other a love-worn black ($75) ripped straight from his 1988 Bad world tour.

Michael Jackson

This contemporary Michael Jackson "Stan Swag" makes us wanna scream.
Photo: Etsy/Dead Fresh Crew/Hype Means Nothing

But it's not just with garment relics that you can pay style homage to the King of Pop. We found several tees and crewnecks that give Michael's mug a contemporary spin: this The '80s Were Weird shirt ($15) which repurposes a photo taken of MJ posing with E.T. for the E.T. movie soundtrack, this "Trill Grill" tee ($30) which draws a star-spangled mouth over top of Michael in a letterman jacket, and Hype Means Nothing's Jackson crewneck ($93).

Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson "Stan Swag" accessories for all the PYTs.
Photo: Etsy/Society 6

Finally, there are accessories. Wear your love of Mike on your sleeve, your lapel, your book bag, whatever! all year long thanks to this "Bad" brooch ($6.79), or tote it around wherever you go with this "Moves Like Jackson" bag ($18). You probably won't be able to moonwalk in these, but we still think these hand-painted leather pumps ($135) are pretty incredible and a definite need for any MJ Stan's closet. That, or you can try and build your own anti-gravity shoes using Mike's patent drawings that someone unearthed and had etched onto slabs of glass.

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