Robert Pattinson (Finally) Takes His Shirt Off For Dior Homme Campaign, Full Ad Coming Soon

robert pattinson dior homme

Robert Pattinson gets undressed for Dior.
Photo: Dior

Well, well, well. Look who decided to loosen up his buttons. Was that so hard, R. Patz? After 3 months of pensive stares, roof-top sitting and fully-clothed bathing, Dior has officially let Robert Pattinson's sparkly vampire chest out of its constrictive (albeit well-constructed) shirt-cage. It's not everything we hoped and dreamed for, but darn it, it's something. And we'll take it.

On Twitter today, Dior leaked 8 more photos from their lengthy, long-anticipated Robert Pattinson x Dior Homme fragrance campaign, tweeting them one-by-one with the now-familiar hashtag #DiorRob and this quote:

"Dream as if you'll [live] forever. Love as if you'll die today." James Dean

Could it be? Another hint? Probably. It's certainly a lovely sentiment. But does that mean we're any closer to understanding the overarching ad concept? NEWP. Does this remind anyone else of an Advent calendar? The closer we get, the more I want to rip all the doors open and eat all the candy at once. Lucky for Dior, we've learned to be patient—and it looks like the fruits of our labor will finally be rewarded this Sunday, September 1st, when every ~sexy~ photo will come together in the full-length ad video by Greek French director, Romain Gavras (who also directed M.I.A.'s controversial video for "Born Free" and Jay Z and Kanye West's "No Church In The Wild").

robert pattinson dior homme

Deep thoughts with R. Patz.
Photo: Dior

But Twi-hards beware! If you didn't like Rob with Kristen Stewart, you're definitely not going to like these leaks. In addition to more roof-brooding, there' a whole lot of model-canoodling in this installment—in an elevator, horizontal on a bed and one on the beach where Rob appears to be carrying his fetal-positioned love interest while trudging through the tide in his (likely) very expensive shoes. Function before #fashun?

What do you think of the new Dior photos? Are you pickin' up what they're puttin' down? Are you as anxious as we are to see the finished product? (BTW, tou can also catch some not-quite-official behind-the-scenes footage of the shoot here, but you didn't hear that from us, k?)

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