Ariana Grande Gets A Makeover In 'Glitter & Glam' Book

Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande in Glitter & Glam.
Photo: Penguin Group

With a VMA pre-show performance under her belt and a debut album dropping on September 3rd, Ariana Grande is showing no signs of slowing down. The star is known for her ability to combine sporty and feminine looks and, of course, her half-up-half-down hairstyle. She looked like a red carpet version of herself on the VMA step-and-repeat in a Kenley Collins frock and white pumps. Considering her signature styles, the looks she's sporting in Glitter & Glam, a new beauty how-to guide, are a may-jah departure from how we're used to seeing her, but she also, obviously, looks great. We've got a total style chameleon on our hands, y'all.

The first look from the book that we got our hands on is Ariana as Dorothy from The Wizard Of Oz, but glammed up and modernized: Ariana has on a blue silk gown and some hiiiigh red sequin stilettos. She would def not be able to walk very far on the yellow brick road in those, but to bring out her bright red lip, red hair bows, and tie the entire look together? They're perfect. Within the pages of the book itself, you'll find thorough details of every step makeup artist Melanie Mills took to recreate Dorothy's look for Ariana. The book describes the look as "alluringly bright but oh-so-innocent" and we totally agree: Ariana's softly-lined eyes are softened even more by her pink blush and finished off with her bright red lips.

The second look is an even further departure from Ariana's typical look: hello, pink afro wig. The "Cotton Candy" look features Ariana surrounded by plants, in a mauve and green dress with, NBD, a giant pink wig. Her eyes are the big beauty point here: she has different shades of shadow above and below her eyes with extremely long lashes. Her dramatic eyes are paired with a more subtle light pink lip, which matches her temporary 'do.

Glitter & Glam hits shelves on September 3rd (same day as Ariana's debut, Yours Truly), so you can recreate Ariana's looks for yourself, while listening to Ariana hit notes that you'll probably never be able to recreate for yourself. Hey, at least your makeup will be on point!

Glitter & Glamd

The cover of Glitter & Glam..
Photo: Penguin Group

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