Lady Gaga's Swine Fest Dress Code: Seashells, Bedazzled Pig Noses, And More

Lady Gaga, One Direction

One Direction is ready for Swine Fest by Gaga's standards.
Photo: Getty Images/Photoshop: MTV

Fresh off her 2013 VMA performance, Lady Gaga is making up for lost time and already back on the touring circuit. This weekend, she hits the UK's iTunes Festival for a performance appearance she's lovingly dubbing "Swine Fest." As with all things Gaga touches, she's not doing this halfway and has taken to Twitter to dispatch a (growing) dress code for the occasion.

It seems the Mighty Aphrodite aesthetic from Gaga's "Applause" music video and used again to close out her VMA performance is revealing itself as an ARTPOP staple. So much so that the list she's rolling out on Twitter of what she deems "acceptable attire" for Swine Fest is full of marine details: seashells, seahorses, and starfish.

Since Gaga and One Direction hit it off so well backstage in Brooklyn, appear to have liked her seashells and given the 1D dudes are from the UK, we figured they MUST be heading to Swine Fest with all the other Little Monsters, right? Right.

Thus, we took it upon ourselves to get the guys Swine Fest-ready with technicolor seafare, paint colored dreadlocks, and pig noses, per Mother Monster's request. Let's hope they don't mind getting "live art" on their skinny jeans!

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