Lady Gaga's Love Of Versace Continues At The Airport

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga at the airport in Atelier Versace.
Photo: Getty Images

You know how, when you're heading to the airport, you want to wear something sheer and full body, so you have to take off the entire thing to go to the bathroom? So does Lady Gaga! After the VMAs, the singer skipped the after-parties to head to the airport in an Atelier Versace FW 13 jumpsuit. While on the runway, the look was presented with a completely sheer polka-dot turtleneck and two gigantic, jewel-encrusted chains, Gaga skipped the shirt and the chains (too much hassle at security, probably—pretty obvious Gagaloo is looking to travel comfortably and quickly) and instead, paired the crystal embroidered jumpsuit with a half-cup bra from the same collection. She threw on her long, wavy brown "Applause" wig, some black leather Alaïa boots, and Tom Ford sunglasses.

Gaga's Versace adoration goes way back; she's admitted to having a "love affair with Donatella," who she collaborated with on her Born This Way Tour costumes, and who she's worn to the airport before. Considering her status as a Versace stan, it's no wonder that ARTPOP will feature a song called "Donatella," which Gaga described as, "...about being a fearless female and not caring what people say about you—being proud of who you are and walking the walk no matter what." Donatella responded, telling JustJared that she loves the song and is honored to have Gaga as a friend. So, what's next in the Donatella/Gaga 'ship? Will Versace outfit Gaga on her ARTPOP tour? Will Gaga lend Donatella a wig if she feels like briefly ditching her signature platinum 'do? We're bound to see more of Gaga wearing Versace while traveling, but let's hope she tries out some menswear—maybe she can join the 2Chainz/Grimes pants crew?

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