Carly Rae Reveals Inspiration Behind Her Red Hair

carly rae jepson

She wants to be where the people are.
Photo: Getty Images

She may be a bonafide adult at the age of 27, but whenever I see her sweet lil' face, I just want to pinch her rosy cheeks and call her Cutie Rae Jepsen. Of course, I'm talking about CARLY Rae Jepsen, erstwhile singer of THE song of Summer '12, "Call Me Maybe." Jepsen’s been a brunette since / we first met her / and this is crazy / but now she’s gone / bright ginger, baby! And while she's been sporting the copper shade since June, it was Disney, not the (now-fading *whimper*) summer sunshine that moved her to lighten up.

“The red was inspired by Disney,” Jepsen says in an interview with POPSUGAR. “They asked me to play Ariel for the diamond release of The Little Mermaid. They did a new music video for ‘Part of Your World,’ and I got to play the part of her in real life. They said, ‘It’s contemporary so you can be a brunette.’ But no, Ariel has to have red hair. So I dyed it extremely red for that, and then after, I toned it down for my day to day.”

It must be nice to have someone on hand that can "tone things down" for you. I once tried to box-color my hair a similar shade of Christina Hendricks-red, but it turned out more like Katy Perry-purple, so I feigned edgy until I ran out of black clothes to wear.

ANYWAY, the Disney gig may have been the inspiration, but Carly Rae's been repping auburn locks for more than a few months now. Let's hope she didn't also switch up her beauty routine. We hear forks aren't great for split ends.

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