Lady Gaga Getting Ready For The VMAs: Terry Richardson’s Behind-The-Scenes Photos

Lady Gaga trying out new face paint shades backstage at the 2013 VMAs.
Photo: Terry’s Diary

We all saw Lady Gaga on the VMA red carpet in her black Prabal Gurung gown, accompanied by a black wig and simple, natural-looking makeup. We then saw her open the show by quickly changing through a bunch of her former famous looks until she reached her Applause video Botticelli-inspired costume which was, simply, two seashells and a flower-print thong.

What we didn’t see (until now!) was Gaga behind-the-scenes and, at least by Gaga standards, relaxed. Gaga pal and frequent photographer, Terry Richardson, was backstage with the singer as she prepped for the red carpet and her comeback performance. Terry posted some pics he took to his website, Terry’s Diary, and they depict Gaga as one would likely imagine she is backstage: getting massages wearing only a thong, surrounded by wigs, with gold paint all over her butt, etc., normal stuff.

Lady Gaga’s wigs backstage at the 2013 VMAs.
Photo: Terry’s Diary

We get a glimpse of Gaga’s wigs, though one only seemed to have made the VMA performance cut. Don’t worry, other wigs, based on the rate Mother Monster has been switching up her hair, your time in the sun will come soon! Don’t give up.

Lady Gaga gettin’ red carpet ready, backstage at the 2013 VMAs.
Photo: Terry’s Diary

We see Gaga lookin’ rather statuesque as she gets put into her gown. It takes a village (of three people): a guy to make sure her wig is on securely, one to adjust her bow, and a woman to hold up something pink in Gaga’s direction. The wig goes on before the gown does: noted.

Lady Gaga adjusts her nose ring backstage at the 2013 VMAs.
Photo: Terry’s Diary

The best image from the whole batch, IMHO, is this one of Gaga adjusting her new-ish septum ring with pliers? Um, ow? Terry’s caption, “Gaga adjusting her nose ring,” doesn’t give us any insight as to why the natural tools attached to her hands (fingers) wouldn’t work, but at least we know she’s adjusting the piercing and not just stickin’ some pliers up her nostrils for LOLz.



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