5 Things We Learned From Courtney Love's 'Vanity Fair' Interview

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Courtney Love belts out a ballad about Etsy.
Photo: Vanity Fair

FLASHBACK: At the 1995 VMAs, Courtney Love, the hard-rocking, hard-talking front woman of Hole, chucked her MAC makeup compact at Madonna during an interview with Kurt Loder. #Can’tBeTamed. Now, after nearly 25 years as the most unfiltered female in rock and roll, Love is a lot less concerned with crashing conversations and has turned her focus toward fashion.

Since serving as a dutiful muse to Saint Laurent’s Hedi Slimane, Love’s officially ready to kick her Never The Bride label (which debuted in 2011) into full gear. Ladies of the ‘90s, REV. YOUR. ENGINES! In fact, the OG of grunge chic apparently has plans to give Rodarte a run for their money. SCURRT! Yup. It’s like that.

Coming off the end of a U.S. tour, Love, who’s also releasing a memoir and heading back to Hollywood, recently phoned it in to Vanity Fair to talk about plans for her Victorian rebel collection, the pains of being popular and her six-figure online shopping addiction. Girl, we feel you. Not so much the six-figure stat, but binge shopping on the interwebz is most definitely a real problem. And the first step is admitting it. Here’s what we learned from the VF chat:

1. High fashion is hard sometimes:"In 2006, I got booted out of fashion. I had to go to Paris and suck it up and only go to like two shows. I was invited to Stella McCartney and YSL and I met Panos [Yiapanis]. Panos became my best friend and he introduced me to [Givenchy] designer Ricardo [Tisci], who named me his muse. And then the next time I went to Paris, I was all of a sudden in fashion again, to the point where I nearly had a nervous breakdown. I was kind of chunky, and everyone is throwing couture, and I’m invited to 100 shows. It’s hard to go from super unpopular to popular."

2. She has a thing for crafts and Etsy oddities:"Well, I discovered this Web site called Etsy. No wonder they still send me fruit baskets. . . they are hoping that I will spend six figures in a year on Etsy again. My daughter was flipping out. We had a pretty small house in Malibu and she had the apartment upstairs, but still I was ordering like everything on Etsy. Everything! Like ferrets dressed as Edwardian nannies. Crazy shit. You know, I declared celibacy for two years and I learned how to do all of this stuff. I learned how to crochet, how to knit, how to solder, how to do resin work, how to make altered books. You know, crafty shit. It’s not like I was going to open an Etsy store—Courtney’s Crafty Cuckoo—but the [Never The Bride] clothes were initially made for me for the record."

3. She's down with neo-grunge, but clunky boots were never her thing: "You mean Hedi [Slimane]’s collection [for Saint Laurent]? I think he got it right. I’ve seen the clothes—I haven’t worn them. They seem really well made. It is kind of ironic that you can get a trench coat at Value Village [thrift stores] for $19.99 today or you could wait another month and go to Bergdorf and buy Hedi’s houndstooth trench coat for $2,000. It’s fine. But referencing me is weird because I never wore Dr. Martens."

4. She wants to see Never The Bride on a runway one day: "The clothes that I’ve made. . . We’re looking for a licensing deal. I want the shot that Rodarte had, but I want to do better than Rodarte. So it’s not going to be upcycle and Victorian and Edwardian and one-of-a-kind forever. We’re going to get to ready-to-wear when we have the money. I have a seamstress in Spanish Harlem who seems to understand me. She thinks it’s weird as hell, but she gets it. These clothes are my fantasy clothes."

5. Men like pointy shoes: "I have a friend who is a Freudian psychiatrist who told me that men love pointy shoes. She said that rounded shoes make women look really vulnerable and little-girl-ish, but men love pointy shoes because they have a secret wish to be dominated and penetrated. Somehow, those pointy shoes represent that on an unconscious level."

{via Vanity Fair}

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