Katy Perry Dresses The 'Queen Of The Jungle' Part In Her New 'Roar' Teaser

Katy Perry

Katy Perry flies through the jungle in her teaser for "Roar."
Photo: YouTube

After closing out the 2013 VMAs last night under a rather famous bridge, Katy Perry has taken a very different approach for her new "Roar" teaser: she is in the jungle, swinging from branches, lettin' all her jungle friends—namely, a money and an elephant—know that she is ready to roar. The twenty-second clip doesn't feature much of Katy, but what we can see as she swings across our screens on a vine, is a cheetah print sweetheart neckline bandeau and a skirt constructed of leaves. She's going from Killer Queen to jungle queen.

It seems clear that Katy has moved on from burying her former alter-ego and will be emerging as a jungle woman: she's incorporated animal print into her red carpet looks, single cover, and performance outfits. Oh, and she brought a tiger with her to Brooklyn, so, yeah she 's taking a walk on the wild side.

The teaser promises that the full "Roar" video will be out soon, so until then, let's watch her performance from the VMAs and prepare ourselves for the jungle queen Katy who we're about to see a lot more of.



Katy Perry - "Roar (Live)"

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