All Three Of Katy Perry's 2013 VMA Outfits

Katy Perry

Katy Perry's 2013 VMA outfits.
Photo: Getty Images

One 2013 VMA performer, three looks. That's right, show closer Katy Perry didn't end her night in her boxing gear, but changed yet again, into a very familiar look. As we know, the "Roar" singer kicked off the night, on the red carpet, in a long-sleeved, knee-length, Emanuel Ungaro animal print FW13 dress and a sparkly set o'grillz. She then showed us how to "Roar" under the Brooklyn Bridge, where she performed her new single for the first time, decked out in boxing gear, including an animal-print sports bra.

So, what look did Katy end her night in, you ask? Oh, just her Empire Records-esque, VMA video promo look. Yep, for the VMA after-party she ditched the athletic look for slightly glammed-up '90s grunge. Just like her promo vid, she's in a plaid skirt and knee socks, though she's swapped her black, halter crop-top for a leather bustier and leather jacket that she's draped over her shoulder. Leather on leather; how very biker chic of you, Katy. She also has on a studded choker, which is v. similar to one we saw in a "Roar" teaser. If leather chokers are becoming a ~thing~ again, I'll have to go get mine out of their special box in storage, so if Katy or anyone else could let me know if they'll be here to stay, I'd appreciate it.

Sooo, which of Katy's VMA looks did you like the best: glammed up, gym rat, or grunge (lite)? Will this new Prism-era KP be reppin' the 1990s with plaid skirts and chokers? Is leather on leather going to become an even more pervasive trend? Katy, your outfits from only one night raised all these questions within us, WHAT WILL WE DO WHEN YOUR ENTIRE ALBUM DROPS?


Katy Perry - "Roar (Live)"

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