Riff Raff Discusses His VMA Style

Riff Raff

Riff Raff hits the VMA Red Carpet.
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Of all the varying genres of looks on the red carpet, Riff Raff is one of the best at doing "casually outrageous." He may be a rapper, but there is something very hair metal about him, the 2013 equivalent of, say, Vince Neil in zebra-print leggings. This year, ya boy and his MTV neck tattoo hit the red carpet in snakeskin pants pulled up to the calves, neon pink Gucci high-tops, ski-goggle-esque shades, his Cheshire cat chain, a Permanent Vacation Crew Black Bart Simpson t-shirt, and a wintry scarf made of half a chinchilla (also, Gucci). Subtlety is not an option for this G-to-Gent.

When Riffy Poo stopped by to chat with our Red Carpet Report hosts Grimes and Rachel Antonoff, he chatted about his look, including his new earrings, before being distracted by the holy presence of Katy Perry. Antonoff asked, "Do you think this outfit is gonna be a deal-closer for you?" He responded that it is, in fact, a deal opener because of all the "sponsorships" he is sporting, and allowed our trusty hosts to rub the fur on his scarf, thank you very much. After that, he used the opportunity to shout out his own "Genesis" freestyle before polying with Grimes for a collabo on his next album. Multiple layers of flossing out here!

Red Carpet Report: Riff Raff.

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