Katy Perry Performs 'Roar' Under the Brooklyn Bridge To Close The VMAs

Katy Perry

Katy Perry closes down the 2013 VMAs under the Brooklyn Bridge.
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That's a wrap, y'all. Katy Perry ended the 2013 VMAs by performing "Roar" in a boxing ring, under the Brooklyn bridge. Like, you do not want to mess with "Roar"-era Katy, she is clearly ready 2 tango. The first performance of "Roar" is very elaborate: there's a boxing ring, sweaty dancers, a spit bucket, and jump rope. It's got it all.

On the red carpet she stuck with her preference for animal print, though with added gold—dress embellishments and a grill—but under the bridge things change. Katy's in a red silk boxing robe (#sportz), but she quickly drops it to reveal a tiger-striped sports bra, boxing shorts emblazoned (heh) with red and yellow flames, tube socks, gold boxing shoes, and, most importantly, a belt buckle that reads "Roar." Oh, there's also that brass-knuckle microphone. There's definitely no mistaking this KP for the candy-bra one of yesteryear. "Roar"-era Katy P. would def take "California Gurls" era Katy P. in a boxing match. Or arm wrestling. Or shot-put. Probably any athletic endeavor, TBH. She is surrounded by dancers in gray, cut-off sweats that are drenched in sweat. Like, soaking wet. There's so much sweat you would think they're dancing in a sauna. But they're not, they're under a bridge (near water) at night (not as hot as day). It's a conspiracy, JK it's just a visual effect.

The choreography is very workout-centric: there are jumping jacks, fancy boxing footwork, and, most impressively (IMHO), a jump-rope sequence, which Katy teased on Instagram last week. Katy and her sweaty dancers closed down the show in the big way that Brooklyn deserved and made it quite clear that no one should mess with this new Katy Perry: she is ready to rumble.


Katy Perry - "Roar (Live)"

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