7 Things Kanye West Could Have Been Wearing For His 2013 VMA Performance

Kanye WEst Video Music Awards

Kanye West performing at the 2013 Video Music Awards on Aug. 25 in Brookly, NY.
Photo: Getty Images

Kanye West's sense of personal style is as unpredictable as his music, and if you will notice, his clothing evolves with every album. And we've come a long way from the hoodies and v-neck sweater vests of his first few albums—we've even zipped past his Rick Owens man-kilts and all Givenchy everything (though trust, Yeezy will never turn his back on his friend/the god Riccardo Tisci). Earlier this week, when he appeared on his baby's grandma's show Kris and out-trending-topic'd himself (#Krisye!), he dressed down in khakis and a white tee and denim—it was Balenciaga, but still.

So tonight for his VMA performance, and his more explicitly political slant, he kept it simple, maybe to keep all eyez on his message. In fact, we have no idea what he was wearing: for "Blood On the Leaves," he performed entirely in the dark, his silhouette projected on a backdrop of a bas relief of a tree. It was incredibly powerful, considering the origins of the Nina Simone track he sampled, and it was as strong a visual as any, antifashion as statement. The only indication of what he might have been wearing were in the lines—a subtle pant sag, a slight hint of batwing that leads us to believe he had on some kind of moto jacket over a t-shirt. But for now, it's pure speculation. Here are 7 things that he maybe definitely might have been wearing during his performance:

1. WWJD bracelet

On Kris, Yeezus revealed that he always wears a standard-issue, What Would Jesus Do bracelet gifted to him by Rob Kardashian. It seems like it's become his signature accessory, so there's no doubt he had it popping for that powerful performance.

2. $100 Kanye x APC "Hip Hop" t-shirt

I mean, have you felt APC's t-shirts? Snuggies feel like steel wool, comparatively.

3. Lanvin biker jacket

It's punk rock, but classy, like basically everything Kanye does.

4. Yeezys in a colorway you have never heard of

How stunting would it be if he was just like "I wore the new-new Air Yeezys on my feet last night, guess what they look like, oops, you can't!" He would be responsible for the hyperventilation freakouts of Hypebeasts all across the world.

5. Riccardo Tisci, obvi

See above!

6. Sensible eyeliner

We're ready for man-keup to make a comeback.

7. The Grimes/2Chainz Versace pants #2Pantz

Because #3Pantz.

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