Grimes and Rachel Antonoff Are Excellent At The 2013 VMA Red Carpet Rehearsal

Rachel Antonoff and Grimes

Rachel Antonoff and Grimes on the VMA Red Carpet.
Photo: MTV

It's the day before the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards in Brooklyn, New York, which means our red carpet hosts, Grimes a.k.a. Claire Boucher and Rachel Antonoff are here at the Barclays Center rehearsing the rigamarole of posing that age-old question—who are you wearing?

OK, so, the weirdest thing about the VMAs this year being within walking distance of my house is that it makes downtown Brooklyn serve eerie "movie studio backlot" vibes, and it's even more surreal to get to see one of our favorite recording artists and one of our most beloved clothing designers chatting it up with MTV Style mic cubes. Obviously, the best part of all this is that me and Chrissy get to take turns pretending to be Austin Mahone or Selena Gomez.

Of this year's attendees, Rachel's most excited to talk to Kendrick Lamar and Claire's stoked on seeing Katy Perry and both are curious to chat with the boys of One Direction. There was a brief kerfuffle on swearing, whether or not they could "wear giant matching hats" but the suspense of whether or not Rachel will ask the gentlemen if they prefer to "dress to the left" or "dress to the right" (feel free to look it up if you're uninitiated on exactly what this implies), is what I find most tantalizing.

There's of course also the issue of what shoes to wear. I'm not going to be the SPOILER MONSTER and ruin the surprise of what to expect from each of these hilarious and talented women, I will go ahead and say they were both shod in excellent footwear for rehearsal today. Exhibit swag:

Rachel Antonoff and Grimes

Rachel Antonoff and Grimes' VMA Red Carpet shoe swag.
Photo: MTV

Plus, we should probably also discuss how Grimes is wearing heathered socks with her adidas slides as well as a studded and embellish denim vest (made for her by a fan from Singapore) and that Rachel gets to wear her shoe collabo with Bass and her very own actual eponymous clothes as well because, hi, if you could wear the ridic-cute, tailored trousers made by your own hand and exacting tastes, why the hell wouldn't you? Anyway, I'm looking forward to watching these two chop it up because they are going to be RUTHLESS. JK, they're going to be magical.


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