One Direction's Full 'Our Moment' Ad Is Here!

One Direction

One Direction admire their fragrance.
Photo: One Direction's YouTube Page

Ahh, it's Christmas in August! After a few teasers that left us sufficiently teased, the full ad for One Direction's first fragrance, "Our Moment," was released today and boy, oh boy, do we have a lot to discuss.

The video's soundtrack, which in four-second snippets sounded very Christmas-y and Tim Burton-y, is actually "My Favorite Things" from The Sound of Music because—guess what!—this perfume smells like all of Liam, Louis, Zayn, Niall, and Harry's fave things (minus me, I guess). The video begins with each lad smelling something: Liam has berries, Harry has flowers, Louis has a grapefruit, Niall has a bunch of vials filled with scent samples, and Zayn has white flower petals. While the first part of the video is calm and full of the boys deeply inhaling their favorite smells, the second part gets loco: Harry and Louis dump a bucket of petals on Zayn's head, Harry can't smell his flower because Liam is directing a heavy-duty fan in his direction, Louis squirts the grapefruit into his eye (and then rubs it into his face?), and poor Niall gets tricked into smelling Liam's feet. There's a lot of spinning: chairs, an extremely large grapefruit, bodies - things are chaotic. Good thing all those scents were bottled together, since the boys are having trouble smelling them solo. Finally, they gather 'round as Zayn places the pink bottle on a pedestal, only to have Louis take it and run. Guess Louis' ultimate favorite thing is their perfume? I hope he doesn't spray it on his face and then rub it around like he did with his grapefruit.

The 1D boys will be at the VMAs tomorrow presenting an award and possibly accepting a Moonman for the Best Song of the Summer. Will they spin around on stage? Will they dump flower petals on Zayn's head? Will Harry wink at the camera for a long time (fingers crossed!)? It all remains to be seen, but be sure to watch the VMAs so you don't miss one second of One Direction action.


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