Food Friday: Sweet On Strawberry Swag

Strawberry swag.
Photo: 1991 Inc./Urban Outfitters/Society6/ShopJeen/Lazy Oaf

Happy Friday before the VMAs, peeps! Since it's begun getting dark before 8 PM—the worst—we figured this installment of Food Friday should honor a prominent summertime food, one that is not only good on its own but a key ingredient in a number of summertime dishes. We're talkin' strawberries, y'all. While we can (and do) eat pizza and ice cream throughout the year with abandon, our strawberry consumption is limited to June-August, so we betta take advantage. If you wanna incorporate strawberry styles into your summer game, you're gonna have to act quickly, so we've rounded up the best strawberry-themed swag out there. The good news is that, unlike the actual fruit, these pieces will stay fresh the entire year, so, now you can have a strawberry [sweater] in February.

Lazy Oaf and Nasty Gal have combined forces and produced this fruit-filled dress (it's not actually filled with fruit, it's just the print, SO DON'T WORRY!) that not only features strawberries, but watermelons, cherries, all the faves, etc. Tip: this dress is perfect for any fruit-themed parties you may have in your social calendar. Another party possibility are these strawberry-printed peep-toe platforms from Urban Outfitters—they're on sale for $25, which, coincidentally is about the price of five containers of real strawberries, and one will last you a lot longer than the other, brainer.

There's a graphic strawberry print iPhone case from Society6 that, in the colder months, will remind you that summer will return and you'll once again be able to eat as many strawberries as you want/are capable of. There's also a pair of strawberry socks from ShopJeen that, at $6 are quite a steal, TBH. The final piece of the collection is not only printed in the colors of a strawberry and its seeds, but actually features pictures of strawberries. Quite a few of them. We're, of course, talking about the 1991 Inc. Strawberry Sweater. Looking at this sweater is like looking in a bushel of strawberries (a sight I'm quite familiar with, JK!), or like looking in a container of strawberries you bought at the supermarket. Either way, better stock up on strawberries/strawberry swag while you can!

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