Hedi Slimane Shoots Sky Ferreira Promo Photos And, As Usual, They’re Amazing

Sky x Slimane is the new black x white.
Photo: Hedi Slimane/Bernstein & Andriulli

So, Hedi Slimane (creative director of Saint Laurent) is pretty much obsessed with Sky Ferreira. Not that we blame him, of course. The stark-blonde model/singer is totally of-the-moment—and has been since around 2011, when Slimane first dubbed her his muse. Ferreira’s got this amazing, burnt-out Lolita, spawn-of-Fiona-Apple-and-Angelina-Jolie kind of vibe about her, and if anyone can make the haute grunge look happen, it’s her.

Monochrome fields, forever.
Photo: Hedi Slimane/Bernstein & Andriulli

A short list of Slimane x Ferreira collabos include: January’s Saint Laurent Paris Pre-Fall 2013 lookbook (with Sky as the star), Ferreira’s album cover for her low-fi EP, Ghost (shot by Slimane), a spread of Sky in this month’s Marie Claire Spain (also shot by Slimane) and now, the designer and the model have teamed up again for some brand new, totally GORG promo photos inspired by Ferreira’s soon-to-be released second EP, You’re Not the One. In short, they go together like rama lama lama ka dinga da dinga dong.

We’re really digging the artistic direction Slimane has ushered in to the new era of Laurent. From Beck to Marilyn Manson to Courtney Love to Kim Gordon to Daft Punk to Ferreira, he’s totally a pro at blending the worlds of music and fashion. Naturally, we’re fans of Sky’s, too—especially when she’s all bare-faced and bushy-browed like the look she’s rocking in this new set of photos (and how alt/cute are her tiny braids?). It almost makes us think for a minute, “Models! They’re just like us!” Because that’s exactly how I look when I’m rolling around in the grass wearing lingerie, don’t YOU? #DREAMS

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