Check Out Ciara's New Darker 'Do!


Back in black-ish. Girl, you fuuuiiiine!
Photo: @ciara instagram

She can do it big. She can do it long. She can do it whenever or however you want. Obviously, we’re talking about Ciara’s HAIR here, people. Get your minds out of the gutter! *WINK* Ciara’s been blonde for more than a year now, but the “I’m Out” singer is back to (mostly) black and has ditched her bob for some sleek extensions, according to this photo she posted on Instagram. “Going into fall, we wanted something more sultry, but we definitely wanted to keep our rock and roll edge,” said the singer’s stylist, Cesar Ramirez, told Us Magazine.

Ciara’s dark ‘do is perfect for fall (I KNOW. We’ll miss you summer! But someone had to say it. *sniff*) and the blonde streaks around her face really bring out the bad-ass in the VMA pre-show performer. “I’ve had the blonde hair for so long, and I got to the point where I really needed a change, and the time of fall worked out because I do like changing my hair with the season,” Ciara said. “I wanted to go darker, but I still like the energy that the blonde gave me, so I infused the two ideas together.” Fierce! You bettah #WERK, honey. But let's be real: Ciara could shave her head bald, and she’d still be totally hawt. I mean, right? Have you seen her abs? IN-SANE.

Do you dig Ciara’s fresh fall hair?

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