Will Ariana Grande Look To Britney For VMA Pre-Show Performance Style?

arianna grande

Ariana Grande gets giddy at the thought of snakes on stage.
Photo: Lauren Weissler / MTV

Here's a realization that’s going to blow your mind/make you feel old: This year’s VMAs will mark the 10-year anniversary of one seriously may-jah OMG moment, when Britney Spears, in booty-baring bridal wear, got an open-mouth kiss from Madonna during their mash-up performance (with a fake-and-baked Christina Aguilera) of “Like A Virgin”/”Hollywood.” But that wasn't Britney’s only OMG VMA moment! When MTV talked to Ariana Grande about her upcoming VMA pre-show performance (where she'll sing a mash-up of her two hit singles, “Baby I” and “The Way”), Grande named Spears’ “Slave 4 U” snake-charming stunt from 2001 as her favorite moment in VMA history. So would Grande dare to wear a giant reptile for her big debut?

“No snakes!” she insisted, when MTV asked about her on-stage get-up. “I don’t know. I usually wear a variation of the same thing for like my whole life.” OK, so then we praaaahbably won’t see Ariana in a meat dress either. “I’m like the least risky person you’ve ever met,” says the 20-year-old Mariah Carey sound-a-like. “I just want to sing to be honest. I’ll just put on a dress and sing.”

No matter what Ariana finally decides to wear, be it basics or bird feathers, we can’t WAIT to watch her perform on this year’s pre-show!

(Fun fact: Ariana’s sweet white shoes in the video below are from Nasty Gal! $88 and they’re still available in a TON of sizes!)


Ariana Grande Has VMA Pre-Show Jitters

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