Watch Harry Styles Shimmy Shirtless In This Exclusive 'This Is Us' Clip

One Direciton

One Direction at "dance" rehearsal.
Photo: MTV

Oh, good morning. Scratch "good," it's actually the best morning because we have all been treated to an exclusive video clip from One Direction's movie, This Is Us. Sweetening the deal? MR. HARRY STYLES ISN'T WEARING A SHIRT IN THE MAJORITY OF THE CLIP #heyyyyy. The sneak peek features the five 1D dudes discussing their feelings on boy bands and how they're different from their predecessors, *NSYNC and Backstreet Boys, in particular, 'cause they don't dance. [Cut to dance rehearsal where they are attempting to shimmy and feign coordinating.] But who can even notice their moves, TBH, when Harry is parading around shirtless? Not me, that's 4 sure.

Tattoos bared for the world to see, H gallops around the rehearsal space in only a pair of black Nike shorts and a gray beanie. Since it'll be beanie weather before we know it (womp), we set out and found the beanie that shirtless H.Styles wears in the clip: it's from Penfield's Autumn/Winter 2011 collection (how vintage, Harry) and is adorned with a pom-pom and knit snowflake. You can get it from Urban Excess and, if you ever run into Harry, say, "Hey! I was inspired to buy this hat after seeing your shirtless bod sashay across an empty arena. Thanks."

Getting the hat is important, sure, but more importantis watching the exclusive clip below and really studying their moves and listening to the words they say. JK, watch and pay attention to whatever you want (hint: it'll probably be that huge butterfly tat across Harry's bare chest).


'One Direction: This Is Us' Exclusive: Rehearsal

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