Get AnnaSophia Robb's Totally '80s Dress from Nasty Gal!

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WWCW: What Would Carrie Wear?
Photo: Splash/Nasty Gal

It's hard to imagine Carrie Bradshaw pre-Manolos (see also: "I've spent $40,000 on shoes and I have no place to live? I will literally be the old woman who lived in her shoes!" – SATC, Season 4). But as costume designer for The Carrie Diaries, Eric Daman (who, BTW, apprenticed with Pat Fields and basically bathed in a haute closet doing costumes on Gossip Girl) has done a totally ~radical~ job at doing just that. Like, totally. For sure.

In case you're clueless, the show takes place in the '80s, when fashion was kind of grody and teenage Carrie couldn't afford couture (not that she could believably afford couture as an adult either, but, whatever). AnnaSophia Robb rocks tulle and overalls alike as young Bradshaw navigates high school, even giving spandex a go in Season 2.

“You'll see trends from the '80s that are really current now like crop tops, dresses with cutouts, and sheer blouses with bras underneath,” Daman told Teen Vogue of Carrie’s evolving style.

Which is why this totally affordable, totally tubular, neon, cut-out, body-con dress (that Robb was recently spotted wearing while filming Season 2) totally makes sense in teen Carrie’s wardrobe. The "Electric Sound Dress" retails for $88 on Nasty Gal and is currently available in size L (only!), so snag one while you still can! And then be sure to walk like an Egyptian, shake it all night long, don’t stop believin’ and avoid the highway to the danger zone in your Carrie-come-‘80s, fricky-fresh get-up. To the max.

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