Drake, Here Are Some VMA Performance Outfit Suggestions

Have you heard the NEWS? Drake is performing at the 2013 VMAs! Usually when announcements like this happen, we rack our brains and pour over the last few runway shows to come up with performance outfit predictions, but this time, we’re doing thing a little differently because unlike the other VMA performers this year, Drizzy has his own (unofficial) Dress Up app. Obviously, that means we HAD to use it to create some “Started From The Bottom” stage ensemble suggestions.


Started from the bottom, now you’re here.
Photo: Dress Drake App

Wanna make a real “now I’m HERE” style statement? This vibrant orange variety jacket + camp pants situation is a definite head-turner. Finish it off with some Jordan cements for that hypebeast cred.


Rep where you’re from, y’know?
Photo: Dress Drake App

Kanye may have already done the chambray thing at the 2011 VMAs, but that doesn’t mean he owns the look. Plus, there’s something to be said about representing for your home base, right?


On that Suit & Tie s*** (tie s***, tie).
Photo: Dress Drake App

Or Drizzy could go the complete opposite of the sartorial spectrum in head-to-toe, sleek, tailored, ironed, suited and booted, Tom Ford ensemble. Maybe a jazz version of “Started From The Bottom”? IDKIDK, just spitballing, man.


Sorry for being hot-blooded American girls.
Photo: Dress Drake App

Listen, guys. We’re only human. *fans self with right hand* If Drake wanted to show up shirtless, we would be more than OK with it. In fact, of all the looks we’ve suggested, this is the one we’re rooting for the hardest. That’s really all this outfit is about. Oh, and we added a Yankees cap because, y’know, ~New York~.

ALSO, the app doesn’t have it (yet), but if Drake rolled onto the Barclays Center stage wearing that yellow and black throwback ’fit from “No New Friends,” we would LOSE. IT. Like, absolutely die. But that’s OK because if in my life I get a REPRISE of that Dada look, it will all be worth it. YOLO.

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