5 Things You Need To Know About One Direction's 'This Is Us' Premiere Outfits

One Direction

One Direction on the red carpet at the 'This Is Us' premiere.
Photo: Getty Images

As you may know, our pals/husbands in One Direction are starring in their own feature film, a documentary, called This Is Us. The movie hits theaters August 30th (I'll be there at midnight, the only fan in the world old enough to go at midnight), but its world premiere was today in London and, among thousands of fans who camped out overnight (yeah, I was there, JK I MERELY WISH!!!!), were the five One Direction lads dressed in coordinated black-and-white ensembles, monochrome coordination that they're already familiar with. I took on the task of poring over hundreds of photos of the premiere—yeah, you're welcome—to break down each guy's look.

1. Louis sported his standard "pants rolled-up into capris paired with socks with no shoes" look with black jeans and black dress shoes. On top he had a two-button blazer with a white t-shirt poking out and a gave us sliver of a white pocket-square; also on display was his quickly growing collection of forearm tattoos.

2. Zayn looked very Keanu Reeves in The Matrix: he had on a long black coat and underneath was a shiny leather vest outfitted with a buckle. With two of his signature styles stolen (see: Niall and Liam), Zayn seems to be trying out a new look. Not new? His skinny legs in some skinny jeans.

3. Niall took a page from Zayn's Up All Night Tour wardrobe (or maybe Z's doll's wardrobe) and had on a black letterman jacket with white accents. He also donned some sneakers, so he, as usual, will be awarded the "Most Casual Member of 1D" trophy. Dude must have a room for them in his house.

4. If you keep up on Harry's every move like I do, you'll recognize the shirt he's wearing—he wore it to his birthday in February, duh. That Burberry b-day shirt was navy with white hearts, but this one, in order to abide by the coordinated dress code, is black with white hearts and he it looks just as good as he it did in February, IMHO.

5. Finally, Liam is in leather, just like at the Teen Choice Awards. This time, though, he's zipped his jacket and paired it with a tie. Despite the leather jacket, he is the most formal of the group: unlike the other boys, he's not even wearing jeans. Tone it down, Liam, you're making the others look bad! Just kidding, you all look good!

So, what will they wear to the VMAs? Will they be coordinated or allowed to do their own thangs? Will Harry wear that shirt again but in my favorite color? Will Louis ever allow the bottom of his pants to meet his shoes? We shall see on Sunday, stay tuned!