Capitol Couture Releases New Johanna Mason Photos From 'Catching Fire'

Johanna Mason

Johanna Mason in Capitol Couture.
Photo: Capitol Couture

If you’re anything like us, you are constantly scouring the web for new Catching Fire deets and impatiently counting down the days until the film hits theaters. Luckily for all us Hunger Games fans, the Capitol Couture Tumblr has been actively posting tantalizing photos and character profiles, and their summer issue (titled Zoetic Sol) just came out! For those of you who don’t know, Capitol Couture is a genius promo site that reads like a fashion blog for the elite of Panem. We’ve been MAJOR fans ever since it launched back in 2012, and this new issue, featuring cover girl Johanna Mason, does NOT disappoint.

Fans of the books know Johanna as the fantastically fierce victor from District 7, whose talents include throwing axes and *ahem* disrobing in elevators. So far, Johanna (portrayed by Jena Malone) looks like she is going to be as high fashion as she is ferocious. These new photos show all the stunning details of her opening ceremonies costume, created by designer Trish Summerville. The bodice, collar, and left sleeve of the dress are sculpted from tree bark and cork to reflect the lumber industry of Johanna’s home district, while the rest of the gown flows and flutters with ruched chiffon. The look is polished off with bronze nails, three-inch lower lashes, and edgy jewelry from Eddie Borgo.

Zoetic Sol also provides us with some extra goodies aside from the Johanna cover. For starters, the issue includes a profile of Daniel Vi Le, a “newcomer to the Capitol fashion scene”. Vi Le, who is a milliner/designer IRL, shows off his incredible headpieces using the ladies of 2NE1 as models. His pieces have a dangerous and edgy quality that fits perfectly with the Catching Fire tone, so we hope his work will show up a lot in the movie. In other Capitol Couture news, Cinna has apparently released a new fragrance, a fact covered in an article brilliantly titled “A Spritz of Cinna”. The stylist’s eponymous product changes its scent depending on the hour — it’s feminine and floral during the day, and switches to a sultry and smoky aroma come nightfall. I mean, would you really expect anything less from Cinna?

Make sure you check out ALL the cool features Capitol Couture has to offer, and let us know which ones are your faves!

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