Does Rihanna Have A Mullet Now?

Rihanna brings her mullet on a private jet.
Photo: @badgalriri Instagram

As we know by now, Rihanna is QUEEN of changing her hair. There was the long blonde look, the long ice gray ’do, and most recently the curly crop, but this newest look is really different. It’s short in the front, long in the back, and straight. Yep. It’s a mullet.

This weekend, Rih, as per usual, has been keepin’ us apprised of her whereabouts and looks on Instagram, but rather than making a big to-do about her new hair, she just subtly debuted it while wearing Rihanna for River Island on her jet. While Rih usually gives us the full 411 on her shoes, clothing, and new hair shades, she, somehow, omitted that she cut and straightened her hair into a mullet. The first shot of her new hair only shows off the front, which is actually pretty reminiscent of her 2008 “Umbrella“-era ’do—longer, piecey bangs with a shorter, pixie cut in the back. But then (why!!!!!!), we got a peek at the back, and, SURPRISE, there’s long, piecey hair still on her head.

Rihanna brings her mullet to McDonald’s.
Photo: @badgalriri Instagram

It’s pretty scraggly and could easily, if Rihanna so desired, double as a rattail. She gave us pics of the mullet on her private jet, ~hanging~ with Jay Z and Kevin Hart, and going to McDonald’s, so maybe it’s here to stay? But for as long as Rih’s ’dos typically stay around, so circa 2 weeks?

Beyonce, who debuted her new, post-pixie hair last week, was rockin’ a semi-reverse mullet: her bob was long in the front and v short in the back, but it could easily be disguised as a non-mullet. Rihanna’s? Not so much. As usual, she is #committed to her look and that look, for now, prefers business in the front and party in the back. Our advice: maybe don’t take scissors to your hair quite yet, but we’ll keep our eyes peeled for any other mullets makin’ their debuts and will let you know whether this snowballs into a bonafide Fall 2013 beauty trend.