Food Friday: We're Flipping For French Fries

French Fries Clothing

Nom nom nom.
Photo: Opening Ceremony/212 NYC/Lazy Oaf/Society 6/Forever 21

Guys, Food Friday is gettin' kinda serious over here. Every week we've been bringing you nom-worthy clothing and accessories (think: doughnut onesies and pizza backpacks), and today is no different! We're featuring our favorite go-to salty snack: French fries. (But, we have to admit, midway through our market search we totally caved and got some taters to snack on IRL. We go hard, y'all.) The first piece of fry-themed clothing we just HAD to share was this amazing printed button-down ($178) that we could pair with literally anything in our wardrobe to add a little flavor (heh). If you're looking for something a tad less out there, we like this muscle tee ($14) featuring a giant graphic of the salty stuff.

To make a serious statement at the beach, we're OBSESSED with this Jeremy Scott x adidas french fry bathing suit ($24) cause, um, just look at it. If you're looking for fry-themed accessories, we love this Lazy Oaf sock set ($14) and SUPER cute burger and fry iPhone case ($35). I mean, the burger is wearing glasses! Hehehe. So, what do you think—will you be swiping up any French fry-themed clothing this fall? Let us know in the comments below!

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