Every #covermoment In VMA History

Selena Gomez, Kelly Clarkson, and Gwen Stefani at the VMAs.
Photo: Wire Image/Getty Images

The 2013 VMAs, as we all know, are on August 25th. If you've ever seen the VMAs - and if you haven't, uh, what rock have you been living under? - you know that the night is bound to have some memorable moments. Between a lax dress code and live performances, the past 29 years have been chock-full of looks that we remember today. Madonna, in a wedding dress, to perform "Like A Virgin," anyone? Oh hey, blue-haired, braces-wearing Gwen Stefani, we still remember the platform flip-flops you wore in 1998; like, how could we not?

In order to see how this year's looks (Miley! Katy! Gaga!) stack up against those from past 29 years, we've taken a look back at all the past VMAs and rounded up the most memorable moments, from red carpet to live performances. Check out the looks we think made the cut and be sure to watch the VMAs to see where 2013 will land in #covermoment history.


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