Beyonce Has Longer Hair Already!


Beyonce debuts her new, longer hair.
Photo: Splashnews

So long, pixie cut! Last week the web went cray when Beyonce debuted her new 'do on Instagram. Just when we were getting used to a world with a short-haired Beyonce, she changed it up on us again. Yesterday in Miami, Bey stepped out with an asymmetrical bob. It's verrrry short in the back, though not pixie-short (pixie, we hardly knew ye) and chin-length in the front. Though the words "mullet" and "Beyonce" have probably never before been used in the same sentence, it's kinda a reverse mullet? A stylish mullet, obviously, but it is totally a party in the front and business in the back. Or "Single Ladies" Beyonce in the front and "If I Were a Boy" Beyonce in the back, if you will.

While it's hard to even curr what's below the new 'do, Queen Bey has on a Gifted Apparel "Brand Name" crop top, jean shorts (#jorts), and striped, lace-up espadrille flats. She accessorized with reflective, blue-lensed aviators and a gold, laurel-wreath headband crown (#bowdown) across her forehead, keeping her new locks under control.

Is the future full of pop stars drastically changing their hair every week? Two weeks ago, it was Rihanna, now Bey. Who will be next? Your move, Katy Perry. We'll expect something BIG at the VMAs.

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