First Look: Selena Gomez's 'Stars Dance' Tour Wardrobe

Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez kicks off her 'Stars Dance' Tour.
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Well, Selenators, Selena kicked off her tour last night in Vancouver; after giving MTV News a sneak peek at the choreography, music, and wardrobe, we finally have a complete picture of what Sels will be doing, and wearing, on stage for her world tour. The singer's stage looks were created by Marco Marco; considering Selly wore the same Marco Marco dress for her performance at the 2013 MTV Movie Awards and in her "Come and Get It" music video, it's safe to say she's a big fan of the designer's duds.

On stage, Selena changes between a purple feathered skirt; a long, black dress with cutouts on the side; and a sparkly, gold flapper-inspired dress with knee-high lace-up boots that are reminiscent of the look she rocked when performing on "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno." The outfit that stands out, though, is completely white and, unexpectedly, pretty sporty. Like, I wouldn't recommend running a marathon in this look (or ever, TBH), but you could do a light sesh at the gym in it—all the necessary components are there, just bejeweled.

Her pants are shiny and drop-crotch, because, hey, if someone is going to pick up on Bieber's fave look, who better than Selena? The bottom of the pants are legging-tight and iridescent and tucked into studded wedge sneakers. On top is a white, scalloped crop-top that's, at least temporarily, covered by a long, sleeveless top coat. The coat is very tuxedo with tails meets ringleader, only in white. Get all that white in before Labor Day, Selly!

Since last night was only the first show of many, there's a chance Selena will expand her performance wardrobe à la Beyonce at Barclays, or maybe she'll incorporate drop-crotch pants into every look (JK, she probably won't do that). Either way, we're excited to see what new looks the tour brings!


Watch Selena Gomez Kick Off Stars Dance Tour

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